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Come along with Fish & Scallop as the two take their audiences along to many children's action adventure animation destinations with absolutely no clue how they've arrived in their current predicament! The Fish N A Dish & Trusty Sidekick Scallop (Fish & Scallop) Series releases it's first books taking the readers along from location to location with the first book in the series FISH & SCALLOP'S GREAT ESCAPE! Click the SHOP button to purchase the initial release,  followed by FISH & SCALLOP HITCH A RIDE IN A GARBAGE TRUCK & FISH & SCALLOP VACATION IN AN AQUARIUM and other  cool merchandise that will help the audience to become well acquainted with the two characters whose differing personalities add a touch of humor to every situation as they navigate the oceans on their way to THE BIG SCREEN with 3 completed animated film scripts!

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